Oni - African Mud Cloth Throw


Original African Mud Cloth Throw. Made of handwoven cotton with one of a kind prints. Hand-painted in Mali, Africa. Only one available in this style.


The name Mud Cloth is translated from Bambara, the language spoken in Mali. It means dyed using fermented mud. This craft dates back to the 12th century. Today, all original mud cloths are still dyed using only natural dyes. 


Each print is unique. The local artists create and hand-paint the patterns and symbols onto this extremely thick and textured cotton without following a pre sketched drawing. This organic approach gives each piece full originality and ensures that no two designs are ever the same. 


Bed or lounge throw. Wall hanging. Interior decoration. 


Hand wash using cold water and mild laundry liquid. 


Cotton. Natural dyes.


W110 x L155cm

Maker's note: Candles For Less mud cloth collection is made in Africa by African women and men using their traditional craftsmanship. Not only it's highly functional and decorative, it's also a collectable item for homeware connoisseurs.

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