Oriental 827 (100hrs Burn)

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Our newest oriental fragrance, inspired by Bhutan - often referred to as 'the happiest country'. A buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas' eastern edge, is known for its monasteries, fortresses and majestic landscapes.

The fragrance:

Oriental #827, a noble and ethereal fragrance that captures the essence of the heart energy. Wild lavender quietly decorates the Himalayan peaks, while soft smoke from the burning incense in monasteries nearby permeates the forests, inviting the warmth of black pepper and the healing energy of bay leaf into a distinctive mood in the air, encouraging you to slow down, reprioritise and reconnect with your true self.

The mood:

A sense of true happiness in the air. 

The notes:

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Bay Leaf

Middle Notes: Lavender, Incense

Base Notes: Musk, Blackwood

Fun facts: Bhutan has no traffic lights. Smoking as well as tobacco products are illegal, as are hunting and fishing. 70% of terrains is coated with forest and 7% is pressed beneath glaciers. The highest Himalayan peak - Gangkhar Puensum soars to almost 25,000 feet above sea level. That's higher than any peak in Europe, Africa, the Americas or Australasia. 


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