Fresh 343 (70hrs Burn - Limited Edition Wooden Wick)


Our 1st limited edition wooden wick candle.

The fragrance:

As pure as fresh air right after the rain. This limited edition fragrance is soft, cool and still. Like a new moon shining bright from an endlessly star-studded sky.

Touched by the grace of rose, geranium and ivy, spearmint infuses its brilliant and sparkling freshness into the unmistakable aroma of freshly cut grass. With a hint of magical white woods and musk, a fragrance that celebrates purity and newness is born. In it's stillness, the world fades into the calm of the night. The future is bright and nothing seems impossible. 

The mood:

Dormant senses break their bonds, creating space for the heart to dream again. Suddenly you find yourself in a place that is both new and familiar. A moment of clarity. A true connection. A new beginning. 

The notes:

Top Notes: Spearmint, Fig Leaf

Middle Notes: Rose, Geranium, Ivy

Base Notes: Green Grass, White Woods, Light Musk

Maker's note: This is our 1st wooden wick candle in a limited-edition handmade semi transparent white glass jar with a matching lid. Wooden wicks are smoke free and 'self-trimming' (it burns down on it's own). The modern yet playful design will add a point of interest to any space. 

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